The People Behind

RAMS Real Estates Ltd. was founded by Mr. K.V Ram about forty years ago. Armed with several years of experience in residential flat and apartment construction RAMS continues to grow from strength to strength under the able and inspiring leadership of its management which consists of
Mr. R Ravikrishnan- Chairman,
Mr. Venkatram Ravikrishnan - Managing Director,
Mr. G.Gopikrishnan- Director
Mrs. Rajalakshmi Ravikrishnan - Director.

About Us

RAMS Real Estates Ltd. is a name that is synonymous with aesthetic and affordable apartments. The company has played a pioneering role in the introduction, growth and development of the "apartment culture" throughout southern India.

RAMS has earned a reputation for itself by winning over customer confidence by using only the best materials for construction, timely delivery, fair and competitive prices and hassle free and clear deals. Today the Group has to its credit millions of square feet of built up space throughout southern India.

Chennai's skyline is dotted with numerous architectural marvels created by RAMS. These and the testimonies of the thousands of satisfied customers have made RAMS as one of the most preferred residential builders and flat promoters in the chennai city.

RAMS has to its credit more than four thousand apartments and about two hundred and fifty independent houses which have been completed and delivered throughout southern India especially in chennai. They have several on going residential projects in both Chennai and Trichy.